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It's great to be able to do what you love in life! Building relationships with couples as well as photographing the expressions of life on their special day is very self satisfying for me. I like to have fun and tend to be outgoing! Originally from the Northeast spending most of my life growing up in Jersey City, NJ... I followed my father's profession as a photographer at a very young age.  I ended up going to college and graduated with a computer science degree working for large companies over the course of time. 12 years ago the crossroads of life confronted me and a decision had to be made. My beautiful wife says "why don't you just do what you love doing best…" And the rest is history. That was all I needed to hear and Rhodes Studios photography and video became a dream come true! Since 2005 my team and I have experienced many relationships with our couples in Florida and throughout the United States. Quite frankly a lot of the fun is meeting new people all the time but even more delivering them the photography that they will be able to view, relive and share for generations to come.